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Human Resources

At Carpenter Technology, we strive to put the “human” in Human Resources, treating all our colleagues and external partners with “Dignity and Respect,” demonstrating our commitment to Our Core Values.  Human Resources is committed to increasing employee engagement by leveraging the diversity and drive of our people, maximizing their talents, empowering them and supporting their career aspirations.

Our Core Values:

  • Zero-Injury Workplace
  • Transparency
  • Above the Line Accountability
  • Performance
  • Professional Confrontation
  • Collaboration
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Integrity and Ethics

We maintain a high-performance work environment that is required to deliver mission-critical materials to our customers and an organizational culture that is devoted to exceptional customer service.  Carpenter Technology is a well-respected company with a long history of innovation.

A Workplace Rooted in Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the foundation of everything we do and a guidepost for achieving excellence. These Values are our DNA – who we are as a company and who our people are. 

We require our employees and partners to operate ethically, fairly and respectfully and in accordance with all Company policies and applicable laws and regulations. In addition, employees must abide by our Code of Conduct.

We have a longstanding commitment to maintain a work environment that respects the dignity and worth of each individual.

Carpenter Technology is committed to providing a workplace free from any form of harassment, including, but not limited to, sexual, religious or racial harassment. Any such harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Total Rewards

We offer an attractive mix of rewards and recognition, competitive salary, and benefits package.  Our comprehensive total rewards package that includes a combination of base salary, incentive compensation, benefits, and retirement and savings plans. Our offerings are market competitive, performance based and equitable. Delivering on our total rewards philosophy is a critical in attracting and retaining talented employees. 

We have a balanced approach to executive total rewards that is intended to attract, retain and motivate high-performing executives to create sustainable value for shareholders over the long term. Our proxy statement outlines the principles considered when designing the executive compensation program and provides detailed disclosure of our approach. One of the objectives of the executive compensation program is to reward executives for successfully executing Carpenter Technology’s strategy, which includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Our philosophy recognizes that our continued transformation of future company growth requires the dedication and efforts of our employees.  Our competitive total rewards program aims to protect our employees and their families.

Our comprehensive and competitive total rewards program that is designed to deliver appropriate results for all our employees.  The following programs are for eligible employees:

  • Global compensation program eligibility, including both salaried and hourly employees, based on role and level, and is applied consistently for all employees. 
  • Most employees are paid according to a defined salary structure which is market competitive while allowing for differentiation to recognize individual performance, experience, and skills.
  • Salary structure and incentive programs are reviewed regularly with information gathered by third-party compensation surveys.
  • Performance and compensation decisions are subject to a review process as well as benefit programs are evaluated annually to remain competitive.
  • Most U.S. employees participate in the same benefits programs which offer various choices in selecting overage for medical, dental, and other benefits to protect our employees and their families in the case of serious illness and with preventive coverage to promote health and well-being. 
  • Our employees participate in similar retirement savings plans (qualified plans in the U.S. and country-based plans internationally) to address their financial well-being in retirement.
  • Our Tuition Reimbursement program allows employees to use funds towards degrees or certifications that can accelerate an employee's current career or help them grow to their future career goals. In 2019, 47 employees participated in this program.  In 2018, 51 employees participated in this program.

U.S. employees are provided Paid Parental Leave benefits that employees can use to bond with a new child following the birth or the placement of a child in connection with adoption.

Employee Engagement Survey

We regularly conduct a company-wide Employee Engagement Survey to collect tangible data to make our company even greater.  To ensure anonymity, we partner with an outside firm to collect and analyze the results.  We make the survey available electronically and in hard copy format to make it as easy as possible for all our employees to participate, particularly our manufacturing teams.  Our questions cover a wide variety of topics, including safety, culture, diversity, inclusion and belonging, leadership and career development.

We are proud of the high completion percentage of 74%.

From these results, we develop Corporate- and site-level action plans outlining opportunity areas and solutions to support a positive workplace culture. We also set and track metrics to gauge progress.  We conduct our Employee Engagement Surveys approximately every 18-months to allow ample span between surveys to implement changes more fully and for employees to see that implementation in action and consider its effectiveness. This fuels even more constructive feedback for the next survey.

Employee Recognition

As part of a performance-based environment, employees need to feel valued and top performers need to be recognized as such. 

Carpenter Technology launched a Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program in 2018 as way to recognize shop-floor employees who are doing exemplary work and contributing to the overall effectiveness of the organization.  Peer-to-peer recognition is a way to leverage our company’s most valuable resource – our employees – by encouraging fellow employees to spot and recognize one another’s exemplary work.

Who better understands the way work gets done each day than coworkers?  While management may spot good work, peers see more of what is happening on a daily basis. This makes their affirmation feel even more authentic and meaningful.  

Carpenter Technology is using its Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program to promote positive morale, good teamwork, innovative problem-solving efforts, going above and beyond typical levels of service, and more. Carpenter Technology believes that when peers take the time to notice and recognize work that is well done in one another, it powerfully affirms that work. It also often leads to reciprocation. The resulting regular recognition creates a culture of engagement and respect.

Health and Wellness

To help employees become or stay healthy we have established several voluntary programs employees are encouraged to take advantage of, including:

  • Tobacco cessation programs available through our medical benefits.  U.S. employees who are 'tobacco-free' will pay less in medical and prescription drug monthly premiums.
  • Influenza (Flu) Shots are made available free to employees either at their work location or as provided under our medical benefits.
  • Health fairs for employees to learn about company-provided and voluntary benefits.
  • Gym memberships discounts at local gyms or through special programs as part of our medical benefits.
  • Carebridge, our Employee Assistance Program, is available free to employees and their families. Carebridge offers comprehensive life management, financial, wellness and legal services.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

People are only at their best when they are their authentic selves. At Carpenter Technology, we welcome people as who they are.  We are committed to a workplace where everyone is respected and has the opportunity to succeed.  All who believe and live Our Core Values have a home at Carpenter Technology and the opportunity to achieve their aspirations. Our Core Values:

  • Zero-Injury Workplace
  • Transparency
  • Above the Line Accountability
  • Performance
  • Professional Confrontation
  • Collaboration
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Integrity and Ethics

Diversity gives us a strategic advantage.  Carpenter Technology stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence—leveraging our technical strengths and distinct product and process capabilities to provide customers with value-added solutions for their current and anticipated challenges. We do this by leveraging the diverse perspectives and experiences of our teams to build a culture that enables our employees to collaborate and generate innovative ideas and solutions.

Our Diversity Mission

Carpenter Technology has a culture that blends our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives from all employees.   Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging is real.  We want all to feel welcomed.  Everyone will be treated equally with dignity and respect regardless of their race, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  Great minds do not always think alike, but by embracing our diverse perspectives we foster a collaborative environment that ignites the creation of innovative solutions for our customers.  At Carpenter Technology, we are One Company for ALL.

Carpenter Technology Corporation.  One Family.  One Company for All.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee 

Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee plays a critical role in advancing us to the next level of awareness and engagement. The team is comprised of volunteers from all levels and sites throughout the company who are focused on further cultivating an environment where equality thrives.  The team is empowered to foster a culture of belonging where every employee feels at home.

Read more about this group from our Chief Human Resources Officer Rachelle Thompson here.

Rachelle serves as the Committee’s Executive Sponsor along with Chief Information Officer James A. Johnson, II.

Speaking Up for What is Right 

Make no mistake, we can do better, and we must do more.  Toward our commitment to being a leader in terms of diversity, inclusion, and racial equality, our President and CEO Tony Thene actively engages in dialogue around even the most challenging of topics.  As an example, please read his June 11, 2020 message around civil unrest and racial injustice.

Every Employees’ Voice is Heard

While the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee represents all our employees, employees are encouraged to share their suggestions and input with the committee directly by emailing Within Carpenter Technology, every employee has a voice.

Employees also share their voice as part of our Employee Engagement Survey. For more information on our Engagement Survey, please see “Employee Engagement Survey” in the section above.


Veterans bring skill sets in a wide range of occupations plus skills such as discipline, natural leadership, a strong work ethic, education/training problem-solving and teamwork.  Carpenter Technology’s veteran-friendly culture leverages the unique strengths of former military personnel while simultaneously giving back to veterans and their communities.

Please read more about our engagement with veterans below in the "Community” section.

United Way

Employees at our Reading, PA, site have been engaged through United Way of Berks County’s Blueprint for Leadership, a training program for individuals representing diverse and under-represented communities centered on community leadership and board governance. Program graduates acquire the skills to serve on local nonprofit boards and committees. Additionally, our employees participate in United Way’s Emerging Leaders United program (geared for individuals ages 21-45) to make a difference in Berks County through volunteerism and philanthropy. 

To learn more about our longstanding United Way support, please read below in our “Community” section. 

Talent Development

Our approach to talent development is about hiring the best and understanding the best needed to carry the company forward.  With one foot in the present and one foot readying for future success, we develop the best team to serve our present and future customers. 

Talent development encompasses recruitment of new hires, and ongoing engagement, retention and development of our current teams.  For our current workforce, this means ensuring they have the right skills, competencies and resources to operate safely and effectively. To ready us for the future, we work closely with our site leaders and corporate executives to understand the strategic direction of the company and the resources needed from a succession planning standpoint.

Talent Acquisition

We are always looking for nimble, smart, growth-minded people – regardless of background – to help our organization continue to succeed. 

Carpenter Technology is an employer of choice.  Our culture is transparent, supportive of work/life balance, welcomes diverse viewpoints, treats all with dignity and respect and supports each individuals’ needs for professional growth and development:

  • Women: We have made a commitment to exponentially increase the number of women in manufacturing, engineering, metallurgical and leadership positions over the next five years.
  • Veterans: As a performance-based organization with a clear structure and work that cleanly ties into the greater organizational goals, we are a strong fit for veterans transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce.  We are expanding our direct reach into critical partners to help us connect with transitioning military members, military spouses and veterans. 
  • Growing Leaders:  Carpenter Technology makes bi-annual visits to college campuses all over the country searching for the best talent for our internship program. We believe that every student has something to offer our organization, regardless of major. When we talk to students, we are looking for passion, capability, adaptability, grit and gratitude.

Performance Management

Our formalized bi-annual performance review process accelerates employee growth and development at every stage of the process: (1) objectives and goal setting, (2) ongoing performance check-ins and coaching, as well as (3) performance evaluation and review. 

We also have Structured Individual Development Plans to assist managers in effectively setting targeted development activities for their direct reports and aligning those activities with business priorities. 

Professional Development

Our employees enjoy a wide variety of rewards that assist with engagement and development. From traditional items such as compensation to less traditional aspects such as work-life balance, future career opportunities, and innovative work.
To help employees excel in their careers the organization offers employees the following: 

  • Tuition Reimbursement – Funds may go towards degrees or certifications that can accelerate an employee's current career or help them grow to their future career goals.
  • Professional Certifications – Employees can showcase their expertise in areas such as LEAN by working with our Operational Excellence team to obtain their Yellow or Green Belt certification in-house.
  • Training On-Demand – Our robust learning management system, Cornerstone, features a wide breadth of self-directed learnings for professional and personal growth. 
  • Supervisor Academy – The Supervisor Academy is available to all new leaders and provides the foundational knowledge and skills to ensure success.  The program teaches the fundamental skills needed by all supervisors and managers to achieve business results, create a safe, challenging and positive work environment and to model Our Core Values.

Achievement Center

The mission of our Achievement Center is “To provide Carpenter Technology’s talent world-class resources that support learning and growth pathways for professional and personal achievement on their journey at Carpenter Technology.”

The Achievement Center formalizes and centralizes processes, making it simpler for talent to navigate critical resources pertaining to their growth and development.  The Achievement Center is broken down into specific segments. Employees may stay within the Foundational Elements, explore the Specialized Branches or External Development – all work together to grow a well-rounded employee.

The Foundational Elements:

Grow Your Mind – Cornerstone is available to all employees and helps to nourish other programs within the Achievement Center.

Grow at Carpenter – Career Pathing by Position is available to all employees and helps to shape each employee’s journey during their tenure.

External Development – All employees have access to tuition reimbursement for certification and degree programs to help them develop or advance their careers. 

Onboarding – Employee engagement starts before day one. Our robust onboarding plan helps our newest team members connect and set up for success from their first day.

Specialized Branches:

  • Begin to Grow Internship Program provides an enriching experience to college students inclusive of professional development, coaching and networking.
  • Grow a Critical Skillset – NDT Program for employees who wish to grow their NDT career or start a career in NDT.
  • Grow Your Influence – Our newly developed Leadership Academy provides a formalized approach to identifying, supporting and growing high performers across the enterprise.
  • Grow Your Productivity – Houses critical OpEx initiatives such as Lean Certification and Six Sigma.
  • Grow as a Leader – Supervisor Academy, a comprehensive program to develop existing and aspiring leaders of people and systems.
  • Grow to Zero – Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Excellence – Supporting EHS employees in become safety and sustainability advocates; identifying or becoming an EHS mentor; as well as locating training and professional conferences.
  • Grow Your Future – Succession Planning – Robust people planning across the enterprise allows for growth and development of all employees.

Non-Destructive Training (NDT) Training Program 

Carpenter Technology is one of the only companies in our industry to offer employees the opportunity to train and develop their careers in the highly sought-after skill set of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). 

Our training program welcomes employees who have NDT experience as well as employees who are looking to make a career change.  Our training program is governed by Carpenter SQP 16.01 and National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 410. 

Employees have several paths to achieve their NDT Career Goals: 

  1. Employees new to the NDT Career
  2. Employees looking to grow their NDT Career 
  3. Current Forge Finish employees looking to get hands on experience via their current role 

Associate Metallurgist Development Program

The goal of the Associate Metallurgist Development Program is to provide a formalized introduction and development platform in the Metallurgy career field within the Specialty Alloys Operations of Carpenter Technology.

This program is intended to promote development of a broad set of capabilities for assignment to a higher-level product or process Metallurgist position.

Upon completion of the program, participants will have a wide array of career path options within a variety of departments and office locations.  Training may include but is not limited to physical metallurgy of Carpenter Technology alloys, use of Carpenter Technology information systems, statistics and problem solving, process management, project management, and business process improvement.

Successful candidates during, and upon completion of, the program will be able to:

  • Utilize the concepts and philosophy of continuous improvement and business process improvement.
  • Provide technical services in support of improving reliability, quality and cost of products. 
  • Reduce quality related problems through the continuous improvement process.
  • Reduce variation in processes via manufacturing lineups and procedures with the least variability, and implementation of process management.
  • Provide rapid disposition of material and/or processes to key customers (commercial and production).
  • Reduce costs through the most efficient lineups and procedures which consider process yield, operations, testing, etc.
  • Provide rapid support to eliminate or dispose of non-conforming material.
  • Provide customer service to both internal and external customers of our product and processes. 
  • Understand and use data supported with statistical methods to assist in key decision making.
  • Develop specific plans and projects for resolution of long-term problems and opportunities.
  • Design experiments using established methods; complete experiments and provide progress and final reports in a timely manner.
  • Resolve and record customer requirements into mill processing lineups and procedures using the appropriate documentation.
  • Perform special assignments assigned by the manager or mentor.

Candidates who are offered positions could be placed at our Reading, Pennsylvania, Latrobe, Pennsylvania or Athens, Alabama facilities.

Supervisor Academy

Our Supervisor Academy teaches the fundamental skills needed by all supervisors and managers at our Company to achieve business results, create a safe, challenging and positive work environment and to model Our Core Values.

The Supervisor Academy helps leaders hone the critical skills, including: 

  • Listen actively
  • Set goals for safety, job performance and career development 
  • Use the Workday performance process to manage the performance of your team
  • Give feedback
  • Delegate work
  • Resolve performance issues
  • Adapt your communication style 
  • Influence others 
  • Manage time and stress 
  • Motivate employees 
  • Improve employee relations
  • Adapt your leadership style

Leaders receive a thorough education on Safety, the Carpenter Operating Model, site and state specific HR policies, interviewing, hiring best practices, and leadership skills.


Carpenter Technology is committed to providing financial support and encouraging employee volunteerism that benefits the communities in which we live, work and play.  We believe we have a responsibility to be a valuable corporate partner and to play an active role in bettering our communities.

Supporting our Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented economic devastation and financial hardships for so many. 

Local food banks that are already essential lifelines are facing unprecedented demand due to the pandemic, and we were compelled to act.  To take meaningful action and do our part to make a difference, Carpenter Technology donated more than $100,000 to 26 food banks globally that serve the communities where the Company operates. 

In appreciation of the critical care local medical teams are providing during this pandemic, Carpenter Technology Cares volunteers from Reading donated meals to Reading Hospital’s COVID-19 department and Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center’s Cancer Center and respiratory departments. The meals were purchased from local restaurants to support area businesses financially impacted by the crisis. 

Impact Awards Make a True Impact 

Carpenter Technology’s culture is about performance. President and CEO Tony Thene in 2017 created the annual Impact Awards to celebrate performance at its best and the outstanding results that come with hard work.  

To make the event truly impactful, the winners and runners up receive donations on behalf of the Company to the charities of their choice. One winner and two runners up are selected in the categories of Safety and our four Strategic Areas of Excellence.  Each first-place winner receives $10,000 to the charity of choice, and $5,000 to each runner up.  From the five first-place winners, the CEO selects the most impactful project as the Ultimate Impact Award winner. The Ultimate Impact Award winner gets their $10,000 charitable donation upgraded to a $20,000 award.

More than 40 nonprofits have benefitted from these donations, serving a variety of causes and geographic locations.

Carpenter Technology Cares – Employee Volunteerism

At Carpenter Technology, our employees are passionate about having a purpose and serving those in need in our communities.  Our Carpenter Technology Cares employee volunteerism program has employee-led teams at most of our major locations.  Our employees proudly represent our Company in the community by volunteering their time and efforts to causes of their choice that align with Our Core Values.

At our Reading, PA, site, our largest U.S. location, the Carpenter Technology Cares team grew in 2015 to over 100 volunteers, with family members actively involved as well. In 2019 the team logged 2,179 volunteer hours excluding event preparation time! Annual service events include:

  • Hope Rescue Holiday Dinner – Volunteers host a festive holiday meal.  Volunteer slots for this annual holiday meal fill up in minutes!
  • Thanksgiving baskets for veterans – In partnership with the Berks County Intermediate Unit and a local church veteran’s group, various departments across the Reading campus collect donations for all the fixings for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Volunteers then wrap the meals in gift boxes and deliver them to veterans in need. 
  • “Take a Friend Fishing” – In partnership with another local business, volunteers take youths from the local Boys and Girls Club to an area camp for a day of fishing, swimming and arts and crafts, with lunch also provided.
  • Serving Seniors in need – Volunteers organize games and BINGO nights for senior citizens in local residential homes, with personal care items awarded as prizes. 
  • “Feed a Friend” – Volunteers prepare a day of fun activities such as arts and crafts for members of the Boys and Girls Club and treat them to dinner.
  • Animal Rescue League Cleanup – Volunteers aid the shelter with outdoor landscaping and cleanup. 
  • “The Big Cheese” – Volunteers support this annual two-day event by helping package more than 500,000 meals for local distribution, many to school-aged children in need. 
  • “United Way Day of Caring” – To kick off the United Way’s annual campaign, our employees join hundreds of local volunteers to help winterize a local campsite. 
  • “Children’s Home of Reading Halloween Party” – A spooky good time is had by all as the kids enjoy food, costume contests and pumpkin painting. 
  • Local holiday parades – Volunteers annually prepare floats and provide holiday candy and treats for Halloween and Christmas parades. 

This spirit of giving extends beyond our Reading, PA site.

  • Our Orwigsburg, PA, employees participate in the annual Salvation Army Toys for Tots holiday collection drive.
  • Employees from our Athens, AL campus deliver blankets, winter clothing, toiletries and more to the Athens Limestone Family Resource Center for its teen Christmas party.  The group also makes a donation on behalf of the company.
  • Carpenter Technology donated $5,200 to Hartville (SC) High School for the purchase of 40 graphing calculators.  The calculators support more than 1,200 students in developing specialized mathematical skills, enabling increased test scores and stronger academic performance.

Carpenter Technology Cares – Charitable Donations

Corporate giving has been a longstanding part of who we are, and this program helps us make an even greater impact.

All requests for financial donations from Carpenter Technology must be submitted online through the Carpenter Technology Cares program: 

Requestors will receive electronic updates throughout the process and may visit anytime to check the status of their request.  The recipient organization(s) must be a recognized 501(c)(3). Donations to religious organizations, political committees and groups or causes that go against Our Core Values will not be approved.

United Way

Carpenter Technology has demonstrated an incredible partnership with United Way of Berks County (Reading, PA) for several decades.  Carpenter Technology has provided significant volunteer leadership for United Way of Berks County, as several Board Chairs, Campaign Co-Chairs and Executive Committee Members from Carpenter Technology have served in these valued leadership positions.

Under the leadership of former President and CEO Paul Roedel, Carpenter Technology was the first company to support the Loaned Campaign Specialist Program (LCS); the company has remained a steadfast participant of this program in recent years.  Since the 1970s, Carpenter Technology, along with other local organizations, have demonstrated their confidence in the United Way’s programs by loaning employees to support the United Way campaign for 12-weeks each year serving as the backbone of the annual campaign.  Typically, nearly 20 LCSs, representing 15 different companies, serve an integral role in raising the campaign dollars that are then invested in a broad range of high-priority and high-performing community programs. United Way of Berks County has been recognized as having one of the most successful programs in the country.

Our partnership has been a model for other organizations to emulate.  This includes the year-round focus on volunteer engagement, communication and education. Through year-round volunteer efforts, the Carpenter Technology Cares Team provided over 2,200 volunteer hours last year, which included their signature event called “Take a Friend Fishing” benefitting kids from Olivet Boys and Girls Club.

In addition, our employees have been engaged through United Way of Berks County’s Blueprint for Leadership, a training program for individuals representing diverse and under-represented communities centered on community leadership and board governance. Program graduates acquire the skills to serve on local nonprofit boards and committees. Additionally, our employees participate in United Way’s Emerging Leaders United program (geared for individuals ages 21-45) to make a difference in Berks County through volunteerism and philanthropy.

Further serving as a model to other organizations, the Carpenter Technology team was the first to create a Proportional Giving Club (PGC) which encourages continuous giving each year.  This innovative approach has become a hallmark of our success. Coupled with Leadership Giving, the PGC contributions represented 91% of our employee campaign in 2019.  The generosity of our employees, coupled with a generous corporate gift, meant over $1 million was contributed, positioning Carpenter Technology as the second-largest supporting organization within Berks County.

Carpenter Technology has also provided financial support to other local United Way chapters in communities where we are located, including the United Way of Hartsville (SC), the United Way of Southwestern PA, the United Way of Trumbull County, the United Way of Washington City and the United Way of Westmoreland County.

Schuylkill United Way 2020 Stuff the Bus Campaign—Each year Carpenter Technology Shalmet purchases school supplies that are donated to the Schuylkill United Way.  These donations are used to stuff backpacks which are given to children of families receiving services through one of the 17 partner agencies.  According to a United Way representative, “There is a great need for school supplies in our community and with this program we are able to lessen the financial burden on families in need.  Through the generosity of all those who donated school supplies and their commitment to helping others, 1,600 children in our county will start the school year prepared for the classroom.”

Saluting our Veterans

We cannot thank our veterans enough for their service.  Each year for Veterans Day we take the time to salute the men and women among us who have served.  Visit our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging section to learn more. 

Broad Street Ministries

With our headquarters located in Philadelphia, PA, each year the team donates to Broad Street Ministries, a local service organization that supports the community’s most vulnerable with food, shelter, clothing and a variety of other resources.  The site has provided $10,000 in December 2018, April 2019 and December 2019.


Students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields are the future of Carpenter Technology, and we believe in supporting these young minds’ development and growth.

Our leading female chemists and quality technicians have hosted STEM workshops for Reading, PA-area schools. Carpenter Technology is also a proud annual sponsor of the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” video competition, hosting Reading-area students on site annually to complete their video for this project. 


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