Kathryn C. Turner


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Kathryn C. Turner

Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer, Standard Technology, Inc. (management and technology solutions, focusing in health care sector) Chairperson Compensation Committee Joined Carpenter Board in 1994

Kathryn C. Turner has served on the Board of Directors for Carpenter Technology Corporation since 1994. She is currently the Chair of the Compensation Committee and a member of the Corporate Governance and Science & Technology Committees

Ms. Turner is Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Standard Technology, Inc. Ms. Turner founded Standard Technology, Inc., a management and technology solutions firm with a focus in the healthcare sector in 1985. Standard Technology, Inc. is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

Ms. Turner has also served on the Board of Directors of ConocoPhillips, Schering-Plough, The Tribune Corporation and COMSAT. She currently serves on the Capital Area chapter board of the National Association of Corporate Directors as well as on the Advisory Board of the Smithsonian Institute Libraries. She has served on the President’s Export Council, the ExIm Bank Advisory Committee, the Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations, and the Defense Policy Advisory Committee on Trade.

Ms. Turner’s qualifications include her expansive board leadership expertise and Chief Executive Officer experience which enables Ms. Turner to provide a wide range of perspectives on governance and management issues. Ms. Turner’s knowledge of the defense aerospace industry, one of Carpenter’s markets, renders her well-suited for addressing strategy matters.

Areas of expertise: Chief Executive Officer, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Key Industry Knowledge, Governance Experience

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