Dr. Jeffrey Wadsworth


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Dr. Jeffrey Wadsworth

President & CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute (A research and development enterprise) Chairperson Science & Technology Committee Joined Carpenter Board in 2006

Jeffrey Wadsworth, Ph.D., has served on the Board of Directors for Carpenter Technology Corporation since 2006. He is Chair of the Science & Technology Committee and a member of the Corporate Governance and Compensation Committees.

Dr. Wadsworth has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Battelle, a research and development enterprise headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (“Battelle”) since January 2009. He formerly was Executive Vice President, Global Laboratory Operations at Battelle, Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Chief Executive Officer and President of UT-Battelle LLC and Senior Vice President for U.S. Department of Energy Science Programs at Battelle.

Previously, he was director of Homeland Security Programs at Battelle and part of the White House Transition Planning Office for the newly formed U.S. Department of Homeland Security. From 1992 to 2002, Dr. Wadsworth was at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, where from 1995 he was Deputy Director for Science and Technology. Prior to that, he was with Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Research and Development Division. He was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering in 2005, has been elected Fellow of three technical societies, and holds numerous awards and honors.

Dr. Wadsworth holds a bachelor’s degree in metallurgy, Ph.D., D.Met, and D.Eng. degrees from Sheffield University, England.

Dr. Wadsworth’s qualifications include his strong background in the Company’s precise area of focus – metallurgy. Additionally, Dr. Wadsworth’s significant leadership experience in the research and development arena enriches his contributions to the Board, particularly with respect to innovation and strategy matters.

Areas of expertise: Research and Development, Key Industry Experience

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