I. Martin Inglis


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I. Martin Inglis

Former Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Battelle (research and development enterprise) Chairperson Audit / Finance Committee Joined Carpenter Board in 2003

I. Martin Inglis has served on the Board of Directors for Carpenter Technology Corporation since 2007. He is Chair of the Audit/Finance Committee and a member of the Strategy Committee.

Mr. Inglis joined Battelle, a research and development enterprise headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, in 2004, and served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, retiring at the end of July 2014. Through July 2013, he also served as Chief Financial Officer. He has been a consultant to Battelle for the last year.

Previously, he had retired as Group Vice President, Business Strategy for Ford Motor Company, a manufacturer of motor vehicles. He joined Ford of Europe in London in 1971 and held various finance and operations positions in international and domestic markets during his career at Ford, where he was named head, Global Products and Business Strategy and elected a corporate Vice President in 1996; President, Ford South America in 1999; head, Ford North America in 2000; Chief Financial Officer in 2001; and Group Vice President, Business Strategy in 2002.

Mr. Inglis also has served on the Advisory Board of three venture funds (Fletcher Spaght, Reservoir Ventures and Battelle Ventures) stepping down in mid 2015. Mr. Inglis is active in local charities and served as the Chairman of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra for six years through late 2014. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business economics from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland.

Mr. Inglis’ qualifications include his extensive financial expertise and background as a Chief Financial Officer in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, Mr. Inglis’ substantial operational and labor relations experience and broad international knowledge enable him to provide valuable perspective to support Carpenter’s growth strategies.

Areas of expertise: Finance, Strategic, Labor Relations

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